Special offer on launch of Brak's Grid Tv Units

Brak is offering a 15 % discount on the our new Grid Tv units!
The offer runs for one week, till 5pm, Thurs, 3rd April and it starts right now.

A bit more about the designs below:

Each of the cabinets are wall mounted (floating).
All of the cabinets are built out of waxed Kiaat/Oak woods or in a sprayed colour. The exterior frame (top, bottom and sides) is built out of 22mm thick veneered wood. The shelving is 16mm wood.
The drawers fronts and pigeon-holes can come in any colour from our range:

There are two models of Grid Tv unit:

The Standard Grid Tv unit which has 'push-lock' drawers in the bottom section of the cabinet. It also has a waxed kiaat board (with frame) onto which the Tv will be mounted.

The Pigeon-hole Grid Tv unit which doesn't have any drawers, just pigeon-holes. Your Tv could also sit on the actual mounted cabinet.

Available sizes and price list:

Standard Range:

1800mm Grid Tv cabinet for R 8, 950.00 - 15%  = R 7, 607.50
1600mm Grid Tv cabinet for R 8, 350.00 - 15%   = R 7, 097.50
1200mm Grid Tv cabinet for R 7, 850.00 - 15%   = R 6, 672.50

Pigeon-hole range:

1800mm Pigeon-hole Tv Grid unit  for R 7, 950.00 - 15% = R 6, 757.50
1600mm Pigeon-hole Tv Grid unit for R 7, 350.00 - 15%  = R 6, 247.50
1200mm Pigeon-hole Tv Grid unit for R 6, 850.00 - 15%  = R 5, 822.50

Terms and conditions:

Offer only available in the JHB area (as we would need to install the unit for you).
Offer does not include delivery and installation, which will cost R 1000.00.
Our turn around time is 4 - 6 weeks.
Custom alterations/dimensions are available on request.
A 50% deposit payment gets us started!

Please email Wolfgang for an official quote at wolfgang@brakfurniture.co.za



sohail akthar said...

Beautiful concepts of wall hanging with cabinets under, this is really nice having costume design cabinets which save lots of space in Lounge which give you a feel looks bigger. Online shopping is not every where this much better that you have creative ideas online and can have costume builds.

Usaha Aris said...

Good design and arcitecture.

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